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Most western cultures considered Acupuncture as "alternative" medicine. In reality, Acupuncture is a type of medical treatment that has been practised over 5,000 years in China.

Basically, Acupuncture is the insertion of very fine needles onto the body's surface.

accupunture needlesThere are different types of Acupuncture needles. These needles vary in length, width and shape. Jun Xi spine care Centre use the disposible needles to ensure the safty of the patient. Once inserted, a person will feel a pain or numb sensation.

Jun Xi Sdn Bhd also use cupping method to stimulate Acupuncture points by applying suction through glass jar with creation of partial vacuum. This technique produces blood congestion at the site, and therefore stimulates it. Cupping is used to help improve the blood circulation.

accupuntureSome may ask how does Acupuncture work? Scientists have no real answer to this; as you know many of the workings of the body are still a mystery.

Based on clinical treatment experience, combine with spine care therapy has help to cure many nervous systems diseas, disorder of vertebral column, joint problems, and other diseas of internal organs such as stroke, paralysis, headache, stiff neck, back pain, shoulder pain, joint pain, limited movement, slipped disc, bonespur, digestive and urological problems etc.

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