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Causes of neck and back pain

Why do we suffer from neck and back problems? What are the reasons for getting these aches and pains?

According to Zhang , headache, stiff neck, painful shoulder, stiff arm or numbness in the hand are all due to the neck vertebrae. One of the reasons is due to the loss of water in the spinal discs which causes these pains.

Spine Structure Those complaints due to the lower-back verterbrae are difficulty in passing motion, backache, pain from hip down to the leg, numbness in the leg and feeling of uneasiness.

The spine consists of bone segments and discs, and each disc is 85% water with the rest being fibre.

Spine Side ViewThis, is the physiological curvature of the human spine when seen sideways, it is in the shape of an 'S". When seen from the front or back, it is a straight line.

Let us see the development of spine in human body.We start from the vertebral column of a new born baby. With the development of the cervical vertebrae 3 months later, it is able to hold his head upright. Another 5 months later, he is able to stand with the development of his lumbar vertebrae. The spine is properly formed with the right vertebrae curve. It is actually the spine bears the weight for standing, not the muscles which serve to move the joints.

baby spine

By the time one is 25 years old, the spinal curve is correct and well developed. After that, one stops growing.

Adult to Old

Remember that it is the spine that bears the weight of the upper torso. The spine consists of bone segments and discs, with 15% being fibre, and 85% water in each disc. As we grow older, 3/1,000 % of water is lost in the spinal discs yearly, making us shorter due to the bone spacing being narrowed. The narrowing will cause the bone segments to press against the nerves, which in turn will cause aches and pain in the neck, back and limbs.

Of course, as one grows older, the spacing in the front part of the vertebrae becomes shorter which causes the back part of the vertebrae to space out, thus giving a bad curvature. This gives rise to pains, numbness, uncomfortable sensations of the neck and back, the 4 limbs, constipation and impotence.

Disorders of the cervix and lumbar are two of the most common problems found in the present day society.

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