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Ways to take care of your spine

  • Lift with your legs, not with your back- Lifting with back may cause spine injury
  • Wear non-slip footwears
  • Do not bend your back, bend at the hips and knees when necessary
  • Do not twist your waist to reach something. Turn with your feet instead
  • Do not force to lift object. Pull, push, roll or slide the object if possible.
  • Do spinal exercise regularly to restore and strengthen the health condition of your spine
  • Lifting with your back will hurt the spine
  • Spinal discs incur a normal amount of pressure when you are standing.
  • When your bend over, the pressure on the front of each disc is greatly increased by the vertebrae above and below it.
  • Trying to lift an object with the backrigid further magnifies the pressure. An adult straining to lift a 90-pound box subjects the lower discs to about 1300 pounds of pressure on the front of a disc exceeds the pressure inside, some of the soft filling may extrude backward. In other words, if the muscles pulposus comes under too much pressure - like when you try to lift something that is too heavy - the jelly bulge and ruptures out of the disc. When this happens, the nucleus pulposus may press against nerves in the spine. Then the disc is said to be herniated, the nerve is said to be pinched, and the person is to say,"Ouch!"

How to test the condition of your spine

Method 1: Sitting up-right and lift newspapers with your hands to the height of your shoulder. If you have a healthy spine, you should be able to maintain this posture for 30 minutes.

Method 2: Stand facing a wall with both of your hands at the side. Try to bend your knees to squat, without bending your back. Then stand up again straight without bending your back. If your spine is healthy, you should be able to do so.

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