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about spine careSpine care is a unique health care system which make no use of drugs or surgery. The main focus of spine care practice is a concern on the neuro-musculo-skeletal system, especially of the spine. Biomechanical dysfunction of the neuro- musculo-skeletal system can give a profound effect on the other systems of the body. spine care therapy will bring the body back to normal and also help to restore the optimum health condition of the body.

Amongst us, about 80% of the people suffer from stiff neck, headaches, painful shoulders, stiff arm, numbness in the limbs, etc. In Singapore, it was reported that about 70% of the population had neck and back problems where they seek medical help.

Report shows that about 70% at the population in Asia had neck aches and back aches, where they seek medical treatment.

It is also shown in many developing countries, more than 80% of the people suffer from backaches, from which 40% to 70% will relapse. Also. 60% of people aged 45 years and above had cervical disorders. As such, this calls for high percentage in compensation for medical insurance, and it is increasing year by year. Why does this happen? One of the reasons is because these aches always recur.

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