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Jun Xi Sdn Bhd

Jun Xi Sdn Bhd was incorporated in 1998 in Malaysia.

The founders is Zhang Xue Jun who is also the person in charge, with more than 34 years (since of clinical treatment experience and has written nine books on medical science ).

As at today, Jun Xi Sdn Bhd has more than 16,000 patients.
Jun Xi Sdn Bhd
Jun Xi Sdn Bhd provide the following Spine Care Tuina and Acupuncture services especially effective for all kinds of nervous system disease, disorder of vertebral column, joint problems, and other diseases of internal organs such as half body paralise, paralysis, headache, stiff neck, back pain, shoulder pain, joint pain, limited movement, slipped disc, bonespur, digestive and urological problem and etc.

Jun Xi Sdn BhdPatients are able to regain and restore their normal or even better health condition under Zhang's healing treatment center with Spine Care Tuina and Accupunture.

Currently, Jun Xi Sdn Bhd has produced series of high quality Jun Xi ® products: Neck and Back Spine Supporter-pillows for sleeping, Neck and Back Spine Supporter-pillows for car seat; Neck and Back Spine Supporter-pillows for chair; and health supplement Herbal Cleanse and health supplement Junopain.

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