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Jun Xi ® Series of Products

Base on Zhang's extensive research and more than ten years clinical treatment experince, he has invented the famous "spine care Spine Supporter Pillow" (Patent Pending) to help patients reduce their pain and to solve their back and neck problems since 1998.

Jun Xi Sdn Bhd also manufacture: Health Supplement (Please visit our shop for detail) using 100% natural herbs as health supplements.

Please refer the detail of each Jun Xi series of High Quality products for your needs:
  1. Jun Xi Spine Supporter-Pillow For Neck (For Sleeping)

  2. Jun Xi Spine Supporter-Pillow For Back (For Sleeping)

  3. Jun Xi Spine Supporter Travel PillowNEW

  4. Jun Xi Spine Supporter-Pillow For Back
    (For car seat)

  5. Jun Xi Spine Supporter-Pillow For Back
    (For chair)

  6. Health Supplement 1

  7. Health Supplement 2

  8. Encyclopaedia of Chinese Unique Non-medicine Therapy

  9. The Guide book for Stroke and Restroke

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